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Guidance for organisations

Administering the eDBS system

Setting up new users

Please contact to set-up a new user or account.

Help with starting an application 

If you need help starting an application you can click on the Help on/off button changing it to Help on. You will then see pop-up boxes appear to the right-side of the application.

If you still need help you can contact the helpdesk on 03330 135 888 or email

Problems administering the eDBS system

If you are having problems accessing the eDBS system or have questions from applicants you can refer to our help pages for guidance.

ID checks

The DBS website has a list of ID which can be accepted by the ID checker.

View the list of acceptable ID

An e-invite can be sent from the eDBS system to the applicant. This will send a list of the ID that can be used and will invite the applicant to select the ID they will be bringing to the face to face meeting.

The hiring manager or person managing the check logs into eDBS and starts an application by selecting the ID documents, then completes the details via the online form.

Once this section is filled in, the applicant is given the option to complete the online form then and there or at their own convenience. The applicant needs to provide a personal email address.

If the applicant is completing this in another location they will also need to be advised of the security question that the ID checker creates.

Applicant details

The applicant logs into eDBS and enters their personal information such as address history and confirms their ID evidence. As part of the submission process, applicants are required to legally declare the accuracy of their information. This is done via the online form.

Once the applicant has submitted their information this goes through to the eDBS Service for processing.

Transfer to DBS

Once the form has been completed, the Disclosure Service verifies and countersigns the application which is submitted to the DBS for checking.


The hiring manager or person managing the application can log into the eDBS system to view the result. If an applicant's certificate contains information (trace disclosure) the system will indicate this and you are advised to request to see the applicant's certificate.

Only the applicant receives a hard copy of the Disclosure Certificate by post.

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