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Problems for organisations administering the eDBS system

Username and password not accepted – ID Checker (Primary Support Officer or Support Officer)

If you have forgotten you password you can self-serve by clicking on ‘can’t access your account?’ which is located on the login page of the eDBS system. 

If you have locked yourself out of your account due to 3 failed login attempts you will need to contact the eDBS helpdesk on 03330 135 888 or via e-mail at so that they can reactivate your account.

The username and password are case sensitive please do not copy and paste your login details but type them in.

Your organisation's account may have been deactivated due to non-payment of an invoice. If you believe this is the case you will need to ensure payment is made before it is reactivated.  If you do this by cheque the funds will need to clear before reactivation.  If you pay by card it can be reactivated immediately. To make a card payment please contact the Customer Service helpdesk on 03330 135 888.

System asking for an assignment number

You can leave this section blank. As the ID checker you should be able to continue with the application.

Reporting options missing

To view reports you must be set up as a Primary Support Officer (PSO).

if you require access to reports and are currently a Support Office, we would require email confirmation from the head of your organisation to be sent to  giving authorisation to change your access rights.

Another possibility is that you have been sent an email via the eDBS online system marked as 'high importance'. The system will not allow you to proceed until the message has been read, once you have read the message you will be able to continue on the system.

Cancelling an application

You can only cancel an application if it has not already been submitted to the DBS.

Only Primary Support Officers (PSOs) can cancel an application. If you are a Support Officer (SO) you will need to arrange for a PSO to cancel the application for you. 

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