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Internet checks

We offer internet checks as part of the recruitment process within schools, as recommended by the Department of Education.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to complete checks quickly and efficiently, with results being returned by close of play the next working day.

Our focus is to ensure safeguarding is kept to a high standard as opposed to profit, meaning we offer cost effective and efficient checks.

Why internet checks are important

An internet check reduces the risks to an organisation's reputation, confidentiality breach, and data security. The check identifies a candidate's online presence to look for a variety of potential negative behaviours.

Using external suppliers for these checks eliminates any potential bias formed against any protected characteristics if checked in-house. Using an independent third party is more consistent, faster and compliant as all checks are completed using the exact same process and tools.

Risk classifications checked

A multitude of risk classifications are checked on each platform. They are:

  • Extremist Groups
  • Swearing & Profanity
  • Negative Sentiment
  • Hate Speech
  • Violent Images
  • Potential Nudity
  • Toxic Language

The protected characteristics that cannot be used in any risk classifications are:

  • race or ethnicity
  • religion or belief
  • political opinions
  • sexual orientation
  • disabilities
  • age

Our process

Our system is designed to be as straight forward as possible and there is a candidate process and a user process.

Candidate process:

  • The candidate logs onto the platform using the supplied web link and code (provided by the school)
  • The candidate completes the consent form and reviews terms and conditions
  • The candidate logs into each social media platform

User process:

  • The user logs onto their dashboard to view the current status of checks
  • Once the candidate has completed their actions, the report is generated within minutes and viewable in a PDF form and an online interactive form
    • If the candidate has not completed a section, the user can re-send the consent prompt
  • The user reviews the contents and any flags

All searches are made using public obtainable data only i.e. any profile set to private, or any private information, cannot be viewed or used in this report.

We will only report factual public information checked against our risk classification criteria. It is down to you as the employer to decide if the information found would pose a risk for employment or not.

Information we need

To get setup and start using our system, you just need to email us and we will send you an onboarding form.  Once you have been onboarded, you will be able to use the system straight away.


As a council, we aim to provide affordable checks to ensure safeguarding levels throughout our customers are kept the highest degree possible.  With this in mind we charge a low cost per candidate as opposed to per check.  This ensures that if a candidate has 1 or 4 different social media accounts, the price stays the same.

For further information, to enquire about pricing for Social Media Checks, or our other employment vetting checks, please contact our customer service team on 03330 135 888 or email

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