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Enhanced with barred list

To be eligible to request a check of the children’s or adult's barred lists, the position must meet the definition of regulated activity.

Professions that often require this type of check are:

  • schools
  • nurseries
  • residential care for adults or children
  • healthcare

Please note, it’s against the law for employers to employ someone or allow them to volunteer for this kind of work if they know they’re on one of the barred lists.

We've created a simple checking tool which will indicate if an enhanced check with barred list may be needed. It's important to have the right check done as it’s illegal for employers to employ someone, or allow them to volunteer, if they know they’re on one of the barred lists.


The DBS charges the following fees:

  • Enhanced DBS check - £38 (with or without a barred list check)
  • DBS checks for volunteers are free of charge although the handling fee still applies

We also charge a handling fee. Call us on 03330 135888 to discuss our charges. We offer competitive discounts where larger numbers of checks are requested per year.

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